Creative? Designer? Idea? Inventor?

At EvokeIP we help to release your creative dreams. Our UK and European Qualified Patent and Design Attorneys are experts in protecting and licensing your ideas.

We offer a full patent and design service, from invention harvesting to filing, prosecution, licensing and litigation.

If you dream it, we will Evoke it.

Our Services


We offer a full patent and design service. We will walk you through the filing, prosecution, grant and enforcement procedure, before either the UK or European Patent offices, or the Design Bureau in Spain for EU wide Design rights.

We have over 15 years post qualified UK and EPA (European Patent Office) experience, both corporate and private practice, having worked for many Hi-tech, Medical and Industrial household names as clients.

We particularly specialise in hi-tech and/or Fintech spin outs and start ups, having experience in Philips and NXP Spin outs from an in-house corporate perspective, including several successful M&A deals where we were the lead IP negotiator.



Dr Darren Murley started his career as an electronic engineer, gaining a first class degree in Physics with Digital Microelectronics. He then undertook a Ph.D, gaining his doctorate in plasma physics for semiconductor deposition. Following that, Darren was employed as a senior research display scientist with Philips, where he helped invent and patent OLED TV.

As an inventor, Darren subsequently became interested in Intellectual Property, and qualified as a British Chartered patent attorney and a European Patent Attorney.

Darren specialises in hi tech semiconductor and computing systems, and regularly lectures in London on software patenting.



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